For the love of the ….MONEY?

Well I was online reading articles about the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and suddenly in a furious rage I decided to jot down some thoughts on professional athletes and their love of the money more than the game.

“I apologize for venting to y’all…but my mom always said Don’t ask permission ask forgiveness“-Drake

So here i go…

Remember when you were a child shooting hoops in the driveway, and all of the championships you won from all of the self-created buzzer-beaters? Or maybe you played catch all day until you were forced to sprint home to beat your sunset curfew.

These were the days when the only thing that mattered was the love of the game. However, it has become sadly evident that as athletes become more and more successful, the love fades as the money nears. Some are so comical they resemble the story of Jerry Maguire.

As a child you dream of nothing more than to be a part of one of sport’s most culminating moments: the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, the World Series, etc.  Yet it seems that once an athlete reaches that dream, it’s replaced with what has emerged as the more powerful factor in sports.


Never underestimate the truth behind the saying, ‘money changes people,’ especially in the sports world where evidence emerges every day.

You see the superstar athlete demanding more money because his multi-million dollar contract has suddenly become insufficient. I watch athletes hide behind lies when their championship-caliber team falls short and they run off to another franchise because they can get more money, regardless of whether or not that team will ever come close to a title.
Now this is not a question about the amount of money that professional athletes make. Personally I believe the large sum they are paid is more than deserving. Few work much harder than these athletes. But when the pursuit of money becomes a greater priority than the pursuit of athletic excellence, then we have a problem.

For instance, out of college Michael Crabtree was predicted as the best receiver in the 2009 NFL Draft, however the results did not pan that way as he the second receiver chosen that day. In hindsight the mere fact that Crabtree had reached the pinnacle of the sport he loves should be satisfaction enough, right? Not when being selected three picks further than expected means a loss of around $10 million. Crabtree became the longest hold-out in 49er’s franchise history until he finally reached an agreement nearly three months into the season.

Where just the thought of playing in the NFL should have been more than enough conviction for Crabtree, the dissatisfaction of “settling” for $30 million nearly cost him his football career. A dream nearly derailed because of the desire of more money. So is it for the love of the game or the money? I think the answer is clear. When money is present, those driveway championships always fall millions of dollars short. Read more of this post